Monday, November 21, 2016

Kunstler: "Boo Hoo" + Tulsi News

Emotions are still raw a few weeks later. So I'm linking to Kunstler's latest, but not posting it in full. Interestingly he says, "If that circus [i.e., controversy about Hillary's e-mails and the Clinton Fdn.--P.Z.] comes to town, Trump could benefit from the distraction it offers the public." Hasn't he already?

Kunstler: "Boo Hoo."


Imani Gandy's tweet led me to search online about Tulsi's meeting with Trump. Hattie's Web addresses the meeting and includes a link to this. It would seem strange for her to leapfrog from a very safe Congressional seat to the Trump administration. At this point, given her youth, charisma, and her being a Democrat, Gabbard could be a representative as long as she wants. Campaigning is but a formality. Tulsi issues a statement about her meeting. In part, it reads:

“President-elect Trump and I had a frank and positive conversation in which we discussed a variety of foreign policy issues in depth. I shared with him my grave concerns that escalating the war in Syria by implementing a so-called no fly/safe zone would be disastrous for the Syrian people, our country, and the world. It would lead to more death and suffering, exacerbate the refugee crisis, strengthen ISIS and al-Qaeda, and bring us into a direct conflict with Russia which could result in a nuclear war. We discussed my bill to end our country’s illegal war to overthrow the Syrian government, and the need to focus our precious resources on rebuilding our own country, and on defeating al-Qaeda, ISIS, and other terrorist groups who pose a threat to the American people.

“For years, the issue of ending interventionist, regime change warfare has been one of my top priorities. This was the major reason I ran for Congress—I saw firsthand the cost of war, and the lives lost due to the interventionist warmongering policies our country has pursued for far too long.

“Let me be clear, I will never allow partisanship to undermine our national security when the lives of countless people lay in the balance."


Hattie said...

So she's in bed with the Russians, same as Trump?

Poppa Zao said...

I don't know. But I found this interesting article via Mark Ames's Twitter .