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Avenatt1 the Avaricious

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Ford Fairlane is superior to A Star is Born and Andrew Dice Clay's performance was better back then. Remember that unforgettable line about Sting? --Armond White (@3xchair), Twitter, 11 October 2018

[To wit: "Is Sting really an a--hole?"]

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Kunstler Talks with Doug Henwood

Kunstler "yakking" with Doug Henwood.

"A Particularly Catholic Realm of Elite DC Suburban Preppy Culture"

Max Blumenthal grew up in in Washington.

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On Peak Knowledge (a post in progress)

Andrew Cusack

I found his blog by chance the other day. Splendidly designed and erudite.

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A Sign of Peak Oil?

Friday, September 21, 2018

Ralph Norman

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Megan McArdle

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Edroso's New E-Newsletter

The Village Voice, whose electronic edition recently went kaput, was Edroso's main outlet for commentary. Now he has a newsletter.

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Kunstler: The Uncomfortable Hiatus

Kunstler: The Uncomfortable Hiatus.

And so the sun seems to stand still this last day before the resumption of business-as-usual, and whatever remains of labor in this sclerotic republic takes its ease in the ominous late summer heat, and the people across this land marinate in anxious uncertainty. What can be done?

Some kind of epic national restructuring is in the works. It will either happen consciously and deliberately or it will be forced on us by circumstance. One side wants to magically reenact the 1950s; the other wants a Gnostic transhuman utopia. Neither of these is a plausible outcome. Most of the arguments ranging around them are what Jordan Peterson calls “pseudo issues.” Let’s try to take stock of what the real issues might be.

Energy: The shale oil “miracle” was a stunt enabled by supernaturally low interest rates, i.e. Federal Reserve policy. Even The New York Times said so yesterday (The Next Financial Crisis Lurks Underground). For all that, the shale oil producers still couldn’t make money at it. If interest rates go up, the industry will choke on the debt it has already accumulated and lose access to new loans. If the Fed reverses its current course — say, to rescue the stock and bond markets — then the shale oil industry has perhaps three more years before it collapses on a geological basis, maybe less. After that, we’re out of tricks. It will affect everything.

The perceived solution is to run all our stuff on electricity, with the electricity produced by other means than fossil fuels, so-called alt energy. This will only happen on the most limited basis and perhaps not at all. (And it is apart from the question of the decrepit electric grid itself.) What’s required is a political conversation about how we inhabit the landscape, how we do business, and what kind of business we do. The prospect of dismantling suburbia — or at least moving out of it — is evidently unthinkable. But it’s going to happen whether we make plans and policies, or we’re dragged kicking and screaming away from it.

Corporate tyranny: The nation is groaning under despotic corporate rule. The fragility of these operations is moving toward criticality. As with shale oil, they depend largely on dishonest financial legerdemain. They are also threatened by the crack-up of globalism, and its 12,000-mile supply lines, now well underway. Get ready for business at a much smaller scale.

Hard as this sounds, it presents great opportunities for making Americans useful again, that is, giving them something to do, a meaningful place in society, and livelihoods. The implosion of national chain retail is already underway. Amazon is not the answer, because each Amazon sales item requires a separate truck trip to its destination, and that just doesn’t square with our energy predicament. We’ve got to rebuild main street economies and the layers of local and regional distribution that support them. That’s where many jobs and careers are.

Climate change is most immediately affecting farming. 2018 will be a year of bad harvests in many parts of the world. Agri-biz style farming, based on oil-and-gas plus bank loans is a ruinous practice, and will not continue in any case. Can we make choices and policies to promote a return to smaller scale farming with intelligent methods rather than just brute industrial force plus debt? If we don’t, a lot of people will starve to death. By the way, here is the useful work for a large number of citizens currently regarded as unemployable for one reason or another.

Pervasive racketeering rules because we allow it to, especially in education and medicine. Both are self-destructing under the weight of their own money-grubbing schemes. Both are destined to be severely downscaled. A lot of colleges will go out of business [Note: I'll keep track of colleges going defunct.--P.Z.]. Most college loans will never be paid back (and the derivatives based on them will blow up). We need millions of small farmers more than we need millions of communications majors with a public relations minor. It may be too late for a single-payer medical system. A collapsing oil-based industrial economy means a lack of capital, and fiscal hocus-pocus is just another form of racketeering. Medicine will have to get smaller and less complex and that means local clinic-based health care. Lots of careers there, and that is where things are going, so get ready.

Government over-reach: the leviathan state is too large, too reckless, and too corrupt. Insolvency will eventually reduce its scope and scale. Most immediately, the giant matrix of domestic spying agencies has turned on American citizens. It will resist at all costs being dismantled or even reined in. One task at hand is to prosecute the people in the Department of Justice and the FBI who ran illegal political operations in and around the 2016 election. These are agencies which use their considerable power to destroy the lives of individual citizens. Their officers must answer to grand juries.

As with everything else on the table for debate, the reach and scope of US imperial arrangements has to be reduced. It’s happening already, whether we like it or not, as geopolitical relations shift drastically and the other nations on the planet scramble for survival in a post-industrial world that will be a good deal harsher than the robotic paradise of digitally “creative” economies that the credulous expect. This country has enough to do within its own boundaries to prepare for survival without making extra trouble for itself and other people around the world. As a practical matter, this means close as many overseas bases as possible, as soon as possible.

As we get back to business tomorrow, ask yourself where you stand in the blather-storm of false issues and foolish ideas, in contrast to the things that actually matter.

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Toronto Rant

Nancy, on holiday in Toronto, being her grumbly self:

With this site, maybe the bar could be located, or at least guessed at.

1 September update: This list of the top fifteen squash courts and clubs in Toronto would be helpful too.

On the Southern Dialect (a post in progress)

This is a book on the subject.

A Wonkette article on contempt for at least a certain Southern accent.

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Via @SRothbell

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Mad. Indeed.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Mark Ames opines on V.S. Naipaul.

Aretha Franklin died this morning. I found out about 5:30 a.m. Hawaii time. There's still much of her music I haven't heard but should like to.

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Stoop-id People, f.k.a. Post

Another instance of New York slowly becoming like a theme park, according to Jeremiah Moss.

Two things that occur to me:

I keep thinking about that fake stoop. The stoop, so utterly urban, normally brings the inside out; facing the street, it engages residents with the sidewalk ballet.

Lately, I've been watching reruns of Hey Arnold! on Teen Nick. One of the minor characters is named Stoop Kid. He doesn't just hang out on the stoop but lives on it, and apparently never leaves it. And not only doesn't he "engage with the sidewalk ballet" he actively rejects it, shouting at passersby who seem to get too close to his stoop, not unlike the stereotypical old man yelling at people to get off his lawn.

CBGB was never an abbreviation but an acronym: "Its full name of CBGB & OMFUG stands for 'Country, Bluegrass, Blues and Other Music for Uplifting Gormandizers'."--Wikipedia

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Post Update

I haven't read in ages, but checking it out tonight, I read that Jessamyn is on the faculty of the UH-Manoa library school.

Currently I teach at UH Manoa’s library school....

Quick to Order, Slow to Arrive

Nancy grumbles about discusses the state of McDonald's, particularly the long wait for items ordered. And the other day I noticed the "wimpy cat-blogger" finally deleted NN from his blogroll.

Three of Four on Lady Baltimore Cakes

Morris Berman on the Benedict Option

Morris Berman and the Benedict Option."


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Some Tweets About History

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

TBogg vs Neil Steinberg

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"Could Germany Fracture?"

"Could Germany Fracture?" asks Charles Hugh Smith on his blog, Of Two Minds.

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George Will: Four Types and Their Reaction to His Column

Never Trumpers


Resisters welcoming him

Resisters skeptical of him

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Neither magazine is what it used to be. And it occurred to me recently that The Smoking Gun isn't discussed much anymore.

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"Liberal Living Upon Narrow Means" (a post in progress)

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Reaction to Reactions: Bhad Bhabie

Is Bhad Bhabie the first to post a reaction video to reaction videos to her song? I don't know but she can dish it out.

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Thursday, May 24, 2018

How Things Have Changed


Monday, May 21, 2018

Don't Hate, Appreciate.

I don't often agree with Nancy Nall but I like what she says here. Below are some examples of said self-righteous/Debbie Downer types hating on the royals.

To which @ljhickey24 says:

Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Volcano

Sometime I'll look back at the news coverage of the current eruption and see what was the most false, or sensationalistic. The ignorance about Hawaii is understandable, but if people want to inform themselves they can do so more easily than they could have even a decade ago.

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Another Way to Celebrate May Day

Monday, April 30, 2018






































Kunstler: That Collapse You Ordered...?

Kunstler: That Collapse You Ordered ... ?

Monday, April 16, 2018

That's "palate-cleanser."

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Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Martin Luther King, Jr.: Fifty Years After He Was Slain

He was complicated.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

They probably think Paul Newman is the old dude who makes salad dressing.

Rappers Discussing Rappers

CeCe Rogers, "All Join Hands."

The Lessons of a School Shooting--in 1853


Nachlass (Nachlaß)

is what I need to learn more about.

No More Kings, "Sweep the Leg."

Paul Lekakis, "Boom Boom (Let's Go Back to My Room)."

An Essay About the Anthropocene

An essay by Richard Seymour about the Anthropocene. Much to ponder.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Thanks to Ian Lind's post today I found this:

Federation of American Scientists link to CRS Reports

Congressional Research Service [CRS] Reports

The Congressional Research Service, a component of the Library of Congress, conducts research and analysis for Congress on a broad range of national policy issues. While many CRS memoranda are generated in response to individual Member or staff inquiries and are confidential, most CRS reports are available to anyone who has access to a congressional intranet.

Yet at the direction of Congress, CRS does not make even its non-confidential publications directly available to the public online. In order to help overcome this unnecessary barrier, the Federation of American Scientists endeavors to provide current, regularly updated public access to as many non-confidential CRS reports as possible. These reports are provided without congressional or CRS authorization as a public service.

Past and Present

Like many other people I watched the Roseanne premiere last night.

Max Blumenthal opines:

The interesting thing to me is when something is revisited after many years, and seeing what changes and what stays the same. Imperial Bedrooms, the Bret Easton Ellis novel from 2010 is an example. Set twenty-five years after Less Than Zero, Imperial Bedrooms is current, but its characters haven't changed much. Rip may be constantly texting and watching CNN on a laptop, but he's still malevolent.

Then there's the new YouTube Red series, Cobra Kai. From what I can tell from the trailer h

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Cilla Black, "Anyone Who Had a Heart"

So Bad It's Good

If you have free time and want a laugh, check out @WorstDamnTweet. It compiles tweets from everybody: Sh!tlibs, Kekistanners, the Acela Corridor (Beltway people), Clown Politicians (a redundancy?), Never Trumpers, Brits, the extremely online, celebrities....


On the Decline of Philippine Spanish (a post in progress) Do Filipinos Care About the Preservation of Philippine Spanish?"

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

On the Decline of German Restaurants

Linked from

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This Blog is Twelve

The twelfth anniversary of this blog came and went, and I realized it just yesterday. That shows how hectic things have been lately. They've been discussing small towns a lot recently at Much I can say--if I can find the time. I doubt any of the commenters are familiar with Kunstler.

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Some Historians to Check Out

Friday, March 02, 2018

On Uber and Ambulances

Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Ougenweide - Nieman kan mit Gerten

Horse Power

UC Stereotypes Explained

NorCal Asians vs. SoCal Asians

Smiley, "I Love My Religion"

Freddy Meiway, "200% Zoblazo."

The Chainsmokers, "#SELFIE"

Bertie Higgins, "Homeless People."

People on all sides of this have a lot of time on their hands.

Robbie Dupree, "This is Life."

Song heretofore unknown by me.

"The World Ain't a Big Soap Opera."

Rachel should listen to Yo-Yo.

And this guy.

Dyke & the Blazers, "The Funky Broadway."

Another discovery.

Rick Astley, "Lights Out."

Just heard of this song, too.

Space, "The Ballad of Tom Jones."

First time I've heard of this song or band.

Esperanza Spalding

Alabama, "Jukebox in My Mind."

Another song I first heard yesterday in the Chinese restaurant. It's much more recent than I thought it was.

Charlie Rich, "Rollin' With the Flow."

I first heard (of) this song yesterday afternoon in a Chinese restaurant as I was waiting to pick up my order.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Hating on Rod Dreher--Again

Edroso is the master of Rod-haters, especially here.

4 March update: I found this.

6 March update: What exactly is she accusing him of? A kind of sock-puppeting?

Thursday, February 22, 2018

I think of Marianna and know she'd have so much to say about this.

Monday, February 19, 2018


Americans are dupes, according to this.

(The New Yorker, "Reading the Mueller Indictment: A Russian-American Fraud" by Evan Osnos, February 16, 2018.)

Yes they are.


Maybe they are, but so is the chattering class.

Maybe the dupes aren't regular people after all.

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Of Course Russia's Got Talent.

This off-hand comment by coozledad led me to see if there was a Russian version of Got Talent. There is.

I don't think he was on the show, but he's a balalaika virtuoso in his own right.

Thursday, February 01, 2018

Disco Polo

I just learned of disco polo last night as I tried to post as many videos as I could.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Shazza, "Małe pieski dwa"

Shazza A.k.a. the queen of disco polo.

Zhou Xuan, "Shanghai Nights."

By one of the foremost practitioners of shidaiqu.

Tyler, The Creator: "Who Dat Boy"

Beatbully, "Skweed."

Randy Barracuda, "Rick James is Dead."

CeCe Rogers, "In the Morning."

CeCe Rogers, "Lonely Girl."

Charanjit Singh, "Raga Bhairav."


Newspaper Printing

Published on Nov 22, 2013

more at

3rd part of "From Trees to Tribunes" covers the newspaper printing process including linotype machines, stereotyping, matrix, letterpress, etc. Shows the longest single newspaper press in the world."

Trees to Tribunes Part 1 (Logging & Papermaking):

Public domain film from the Prelinger Archives, slightly cropped to remove uneven edges, with the aspect ratio corrected, and mild video noise reduction applied.

The film was silent. I have added music created by myself using the Reaper Digital Audio Workstation and the Independence and Proteus VX VST instrument plugins.

The Impossible Kid

can be seen here.

Tekle Tesfazghi with Roha Band - "Fikrey Telemeni"

Linda George, "Eeda D'Khooba."

From Warda Bil Drananeh D Khooba, 1988

Britney Spears feat. Iggy Azalea, "Pretty Girls."

"Workshop—n+1: How to Do Theory in a Literary Magazine."

Manhattan Transfer, "Spice of Life."

Recorded in 1981 by Michael Jackson for Thriller, but never included. Recorded by Manhattan Transfer and released on its 1983 album Bodies and Souls.

Madonna, "Cyberraga."

"Cyberraga" was a B-side to "Music" and a bonus track for the Japanese and Australian versions of Music.

Marilyn Martin, "Possessive Love."

From the 1988 album This is Serious. Co-written by Madonna and originally intended to be on Like A Prayer, the demo was given to Martin to record.

Shadowfax, "Madagascar Cafe."

From the 1988 album Folksongs For a Nuclear Village. (Won the Best New Age Performance Award at the 31st Annual Grammy Awards.)

Take 6, "Time After Time (The Savior Is Waiting)."

Winner of the Best Gospel Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group, Choir or Chorus Award at the 32nd Annual Grammy Awards. From the 1990 album So Much 2 Say.

CeCe Winans, "Don't Cry For Me."

(Winner of the Best Gospel Vocal Performance, Female Award at the 32nd Annual Grammy Awards.)

Joe Zawinul, "In a Silent Way."

Bobby McFerrin,"Round Midnight."

This won the Best Jazz Vocal Performance Award at the 29th Annual Grammy Awards. From the Round Midnight soundtrack album.

The Mattson 2: "Man From Anamnesis."

"Not Available on CD", etc.

A list, "Not Available on CD." "Neogoa on CD?"

< href="">The Guardian: "How VHS Belatedly Re-entered Music's Format War."

"James Joint"

A great cover by Jarreau Vandal

And Rihanna's original.

I didn't know there was an official video.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Bruno Mars feat. Cardi B: "Finesse (Remix)"

Different people get jazzed by different things.

I've been listening to this lately.

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Kunstler: Forecast 2018 — What Could Go Wrong?

Excerpts from Kunstler's forecast are below. The whole column is at the link.

Kunstler: Forecast 2018 — What Could Go Wrong?

Russia can only benefit from steering clear of war, though its recent offer to act as an intermediary between Kim and Trump was a smart move. (Maybe they remember how Teddy Roosevelt negotiated a peace settlement in the Russo-Japanese War of 1907.) They have little to lose and prestige to gain. Despite what you hear about the unholy thuggery of Vladimir Putin, it seems to me that what he wants most of all for his country is to attain the condition of a politically and economically normal nation — after the 75-year-long misadventure with communism. I suspect Putin and others in Russia would have liked the country to become more fully Europeanized in tone and style than it has been allowed to be, with NATO playing war games on Russia’s border, and US monkeyshines in Ukraine, and sanctions against it for really no good reason. So, Russia has been shoved back into its cubbyhole as a nation not quite of Europe, with sinister Byzantine overtones and ancient exotic Mongol influences.

This quasi-isolation has some benefits for Russia, for one, the imperative to develop businesses and industries for import-replacement, that is, for becoming more self-sufficient. Russia has a lot to work worth, with the world’s highest oil production, lots of ores and minerals, untold hydropower, and endless timber. It can make its own stuff, and Russian citizens are free to try starting businesses. The country may even benefit from climate change with expanded croplands. Russia is already approaching food self-sufficiency after the long catastrophe of soviet farm collectivization.

Meanwhile, Europe desperately needs Russia’s oil and natural gas, so they must know that using NATO troops and armor to make threats is a hollow gesture. Notice that Russia is stockpiling gold reserves, where the USA is just selling the stuff off. (China is stockpiling, too. Like mad.) When other currencies implode, there is reason to believe the world will be introduced to a gold-backed Ruble and Yuan, “money” backed by money. They’ll be able to buy stuff they need. Will we? Will a gold-backed currency shove aside the US dollar as world reserve currency? The precursor to that will be China’s effort to establish oil trade in its Yuan.

Europe has stumbled along economically for several years on Mario Draghi’s promise to “do whatever it takes” to keep the EU’s member nations from falling into the black hole of debt deflation, namely, buying every bond that the sovereign governments and corporations issue. That kept the game going, but the structural imbalances in EU banking are now so extreme that it is hard to see a way out besides an EU crackup. The Merkel-led immigration-and-refugee policy looked like a bad bet from the get-go and is liable to get worse when the whatever-it-takes liquidity dries up and the EU member countries fall into recession (or depression) and there’s no more money to pay for all those refugee settlement centers and the social services that have been provided. There won’t be enough gainful employment for Germans, Belgians, Frenchmen, and Swedes, let alone for immigrants and refugees.


As it happens, higher education is approaching its own state of implosion, since college has become, most of all, a money-grubbing racket tuned to the flow of exorbitant student loans for exorbitant college costs. Higher Ed’s fate is tied to the financial sector, especially the bond market, since college loans are lately being bundled into janky bonds just like the NINJA mortgages of 2007 were. The entire US college industry has been in a hypertrophic blow-off for decades, and the gross expansion of facilities, programs, and costs has developedan inverse relationship to the value of a college education. I predict that a shocking number of small four-year colleges will go out of business this year. Students who had not completed their degree requirements will just be shit out of luck.

[Note: See the Wikipedia category Educational institutions by year of disestablishment. E.g., St. Gregory's University.--P.Z.]

Concluding Thoughts

2018 will be a tumultuous year of shake-outs and loss. The watchword for the year should be “lean.” Individuals will be shoved into leaner modes of living. Companies will suffer despite the new lower tax. Financial rewards will be lean. Nations will have to seriously start planning to get by on less, to downscale, and jettison programs that don’t jibe with the mandates of reality. 2018 is the year that the world comes un-stuck from the past ten years of pretending that it’s possible to get something for nothing. For 2018, it’s full speed ahead into the long emergency.