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An Interesting List


Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Coyote Oldman, "People of the Glacier", f.k.a. Post No. 30

I originally made this post as a placeholder on Halloween night. Now, on 6 November, I edited it to include this video, by a musician I first heard of last night while listening to Music Choice.

Post No. 29

Post No. 28

Gnostic Gorilla, "St. Basil's Asylum"

Dumpster Dive!

"The Rise and Fall of Borders Group, Inc. (1994-2011)"

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Post No. 23

Post No. 22

Post No. 21

Post No. 20

Post No. 19

Post No. 18

Post No. 17

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Post No. 2

Post No. 1

Christopher Williams, "Talk to Myself"

Friday, October 26, 2018

Megyn Kelly

A timeline of her shambolic career at NBC.

(Her show, Megyn Kelly Today was opposite The Wendy Williams Show. You know which one I'd always watch.)

29 October update: Late last week, Megyn Kelly Today was still listed for this week on the channel guide, but is now listed as Today Third Hour. And the last airing of her show on Friday (a rerun), was mostly pre-empted by coverage of the mail bombings. A fitting end.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Max Blumenthal in Harper's

19 October update: It turns out Max wrote this for Browsings, the Harper's blog, and not the print magazine itself. Nevertheless, the article marks his first appearance in Harper's. He gets back into his Republican Gomorrah groove as he details Nikki Haley's "pilgrimage" (a week prior to her resignation as UN ambassador) to the "decidedly immoderate, highly secretive organization of right-wing, mostly evangelical Republican operatives known as the Council for National Policy, or CNP."