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Shazza, "Małe pieski dwa"

Shazza A.k.a. the queen of disco polo.

Zhou Xuan, "Shanghai Nights."

By one of the foremost practitioners of shidaiqu.

Tyler, The Creator: "Who Dat Boy"

Beatbully, "Skweed."

Randy Barracuda, "Rick James is Dead."

CeCe Rogers, "In the Morning."

CeCe Rogers, "Lonely Girl."

Charanjit Singh, "Raga Bhairav."


Newspaper Printing

Published on Nov 22, 2013

more at

3rd part of "From Trees to Tribunes" covers the newspaper printing process including linotype machines, stereotyping, matrix, letterpress, etc. Shows the longest single newspaper press in the world."

Trees to Tribunes Part 1 (Logging & Papermaking):

Public domain film from the Prelinger Archives, slightly cropped to remove uneven edges, with the aspect ratio corrected, and mild video noise reduction applied.

The film was silent. I have added music created by myself using the Reaper Digital Audio Workstation and the Independence and Proteus VX VST instrument plugins.

The Impossible Kid

can be seen here.

Tekle Tesfazghi with Roha Band - "Fikrey Telemeni"

Linda George, "Eeda D'Khooba."

From Warda Bil Drananeh D Khooba, 1988

Britney Spears feat. Iggy Azalea, "Pretty Girls."

"Workshop—n+1: How to Do Theory in a Literary Magazine."

Manhattan Transfer, "Spice of Life."

Recorded in 1981 by Michael Jackson for Thriller, but never included. Recorded by Manhattan Transfer and released on its 1983 album Bodies and Souls.

Madonna, "Cyberraga."

"Cyberraga" was a B-side to "Music" and a bonus track for the Japanese and Australian versions of Music.

Marilyn Martin, "Possessive Love."

From the 1988 album This is Serious. Co-written by Madonna and originally intended to be on Like A Prayer, the demo was given to Martin to record.

Shadowfax, "Madagascar Cafe."

From the 1988 album Folksongs For a Nuclear Village. (Won the Best New Age Performance Award at the 31st Annual Grammy Awards.)

Take 6, "Time After Time (The Savior Is Waiting)."

Winner of the Best Gospel Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group, Choir or Chorus Award at the 32nd Annual Grammy Awards. From the 1990 album So Much 2 Say.

CeCe Winans, "Don't Cry For Me."

(Winner of the Best Gospel Vocal Performance, Female Award at the 32nd Annual Grammy Awards.)

Joe Zawinul, "In a Silent Way."

Bobby McFerrin,"Round Midnight."

This won the Best Jazz Vocal Performance Award at the 29th Annual Grammy Awards. From the Round Midnight soundtrack album.

The Mattson 2: "Man From Anamnesis."

"Not Available on CD", etc.

A list, "Not Available on CD." "Neogoa on CD?"

< href="">The Guardian: "How VHS Belatedly Re-entered Music's Format War."

"James Joint"

A great cover by Jarreau Vandal

And Rihanna's original.

I didn't know there was an official video.

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Bruno Mars feat. Cardi B: "Finesse (Remix)"

Different people get jazzed by different things.

I've been listening to this lately.

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Kunstler: Forecast 2018 — What Could Go Wrong?

Excerpts from Kunstler's forecast are below. The whole column is at the link.

Kunstler: Forecast 2018 — What Could Go Wrong?

Russia can only benefit from steering clear of war, though its recent offer to act as an intermediary between Kim and Trump was a smart move. (Maybe they remember how Teddy Roosevelt negotiated a peace settlement in the Russo-Japanese War of 1907.) They have little to lose and prestige to gain. Despite what you hear about the unholy thuggery of Vladimir Putin, it seems to me that what he wants most of all for his country is to attain the condition of a politically and economically normal nation — after the 75-year-long misadventure with communism. I suspect Putin and others in Russia would have liked the country to become more fully Europeanized in tone and style than it has been allowed to be, with NATO playing war games on Russia’s border, and US monkeyshines in Ukraine, and sanctions against it for really no good reason. So, Russia has been shoved back into its cubbyhole as a nation not quite of Europe, with sinister Byzantine overtones and ancient exotic Mongol influences.

This quasi-isolation has some benefits for Russia, for one, the imperative to develop businesses and industries for import-replacement, that is, for becoming more self-sufficient. Russia has a lot to work worth, with the world’s highest oil production, lots of ores and minerals, untold hydropower, and endless timber. It can make its own stuff, and Russian citizens are free to try starting businesses. The country may even benefit from climate change with expanded croplands. Russia is already approaching food self-sufficiency after the long catastrophe of soviet farm collectivization.

Meanwhile, Europe desperately needs Russia’s oil and natural gas, so they must know that using NATO troops and armor to make threats is a hollow gesture. Notice that Russia is stockpiling gold reserves, where the USA is just selling the stuff off. (China is stockpiling, too. Like mad.) When other currencies implode, there is reason to believe the world will be introduced to a gold-backed Ruble and Yuan, “money” backed by money. They’ll be able to buy stuff they need. Will we? Will a gold-backed currency shove aside the US dollar as world reserve currency? The precursor to that will be China’s effort to establish oil trade in its Yuan.

Europe has stumbled along economically for several years on Mario Draghi’s promise to “do whatever it takes” to keep the EU’s member nations from falling into the black hole of debt deflation, namely, buying every bond that the sovereign governments and corporations issue. That kept the game going, but the structural imbalances in EU banking are now so extreme that it is hard to see a way out besides an EU crackup. The Merkel-led immigration-and-refugee policy looked like a bad bet from the get-go and is liable to get worse when the whatever-it-takes liquidity dries up and the EU member countries fall into recession (or depression) and there’s no more money to pay for all those refugee settlement centers and the social services that have been provided. There won’t be enough gainful employment for Germans, Belgians, Frenchmen, and Swedes, let alone for immigrants and refugees.


As it happens, higher education is approaching its own state of implosion, since college has become, most of all, a money-grubbing racket tuned to the flow of exorbitant student loans for exorbitant college costs. Higher Ed’s fate is tied to the financial sector, especially the bond market, since college loans are lately being bundled into janky bonds just like the NINJA mortgages of 2007 were. The entire US college industry has been in a hypertrophic blow-off for decades, and the gross expansion of facilities, programs, and costs has developedan inverse relationship to the value of a college education. I predict that a shocking number of small four-year colleges will go out of business this year. Students who had not completed their degree requirements will just be shit out of luck.

[Note: See the Wikipedia category Educational institutions by year of disestablishment. E.g., St. Gregory's University.--P.Z.]

Concluding Thoughts

2018 will be a tumultuous year of shake-outs and loss. The watchword for the year should be “lean.” Individuals will be shoved into leaner modes of living. Companies will suffer despite the new lower tax. Financial rewards will be lean. Nations will have to seriously start planning to get by on less, to downscale, and jettison programs that don’t jibe with the mandates of reality. 2018 is the year that the world comes un-stuck from the past ten years of pretending that it’s possible to get something for nothing. For 2018, it’s full speed ahead into the long emergency.