Saturday, June 24, 2006

New Degrassi Episodes in October

With the fifth season finished, viewers can hardly wait for new episodes. The sixth season will start in October. And it promises to be:

the most provocative and intense school year ever. For the first time the Degrassi series follows its graduates, Paige, Alex, Ellie and Marco as they embark on post-adolescence and adjust to
college life, full-time jobs and new responsibilities. Returning students confront lingering issues left behind as new predicaments take center stage for others. The new school year will welcome uninvited issues including a vicious school rivalry with life-altering effects, troubles with the law leading to a
student facing jail time, a social networking site becomes dangerous and for one particular classmate - a hot new romance blooms with an older man. Degrassi: The Next Generation will also introduce a new member to the student body, adding to the series' signature trials and tribulations of teen angst and relationship drama.

Flash Fiction Update

Flash fiction is a world unto its own.