Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Hullabaloo

I've been busy, and so I haven't paid much attention to the political news. I watched Rachel Maddow the other day, where she led the show with a lengthy account of Edward Cox, who married Richard Nixon's daughter Tricia, and is now head of the New York State Republican Party. (And he's not related to Archibald Cox, as I searched online.)

This poll was mentioned in today's paper as well:
"When it comes to rudeness in 2016 politics, the Republican presidential contest wins in a landslide."

Check out, where you can read about elections all over the world. As I've noted earlier, Maureen Kyalya was running for President of Uganda. Museveni, Ugandan President since 1986, won in a landslide. He dismissed claims the election was rigged.

More later.

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