Monday, April 04, 2016

Kunstler: An Unfiltered Mind.

Kunstler: An Unfiltered Mind. In which he goes on some more about Trump, and grumbles a bit about the AARP. Read anyway. It's far from his best columns but short.

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Hattie said...

Kunstler refuses to identify with old people. In typical Boomer fashion, he thinks old people are losers so would never think of himself as old. AARP saves us a bunch of money, and we are not too fastidious to take senior discounts and use the services of the senior center.
There are a lot of guys like him, grumbling away on the outskirts in places like small town New England and the rural mountain states and the far west. They are selfish, "exclusive" people. The only thing that really makes them mad is being treated like everyone else instead of as the special persons they imagine themselves to be. As if they are the only ones who ever think things out. Furthermore, if he were a manual laborer or office drone, he would be happy to retire! But he does not care about urban people, working women, mothers, "minorities" but is mostly worried about the downfall of white male authority. Writing his column is a sweet way to make a living, and I presume he has other assets as well.
His interests are definitely what mine are, that's for sure.