Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Marco Rubio Out

When Marco Rubio was seen as the Republican "savior."

If he throws a baseball the way he did this football, it's just as well he dropped out.

Rubio catches footballs better than he throws them. (The first part shows him catching a pass from Dan Marino on the floor of the Florida House. Kids can point to that when their parents admonish them not to throw balls in the house.)

How things change in just three years.

In other developments:

17 March update:

Heckler accuses Marco of stealing girlfriend.

An Exhausted Marco Rubio Returns to Senate, Vows Not to Accept VP or Run for Governor." "Rubio Back in the Senate Just in Time for Recess."

And it looks as if he's not even going to run for a second Senate term. That's just as well, given his abysmal voting record.

Beeson acting like a yob, punching Yob.

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