Sunday, July 23, 2017

Attack at June 30, 2017 Hilo Peace Vigil

I just found this while browsing:

Attack at June 30, 2017 Hilo peace vigil

For the record. At approximately 3:30PM June 30, 2017 a late model 4 door Honda, dark grey or black was parked at the curb near the Hilo Post office with a male driver (white, long haired and beard. Looked similar to Dog the bounty Hunter.) As I walked on the side walk back to my corner leafleting post from using the Post office rest room the man held up his middle finger inside his closed window. I didn’t react at all just kept walking. A little while later the car pulls up to the traffic light. I noticed the same man driving and holding his middle finger up again inside his closed window. I saw a woman in the passenger seat. The car was first in line at the traffic red light with me on the corner sidewalk. Then the man’s power window came down. and he said in a strong southern accent. “Since you hate America so much why don’t you just leave the country?” And then he opens his car door and I immediately moved north back down the sidewalk toward the post office. The man proceeds to yell (unintelligible) and then kicks down our plywood sign that says “Stop the Bombing.” He then gets back in his car and drives off. I didn’t get the license #. Malie Sellers and I were the only two there at the vigil at the time. Others had not yet arrived. Malie was down under the shade tree sitting in a chair quite a distance away and did not see what happened.

The times they are a changing and for the worst. I urge all who can to come join the weekly Hilo peace vigil 3:30 -5PM on Fridays at the downtown Hilo Post office with set up at 3PM. There is more safety for all in numbers.

Jim Albertini

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