Wednesday, March 08, 2017


Yesterday, Louis Proyect posted a brief review of Tanna, Australia's nominee this year for the Best Foreign-Language Film Oscar. It was released that same day on video. One of the great things Proyect does is highlight not only indigenous cultures, but indigenous Pacific cultures. Very few American bloggers do. And it says something that The Salesman, which won, got all the hype, and I never heard of Tanna until Oscars night, when the Foreign-Language award was given. I asked Proyect if Tanna should have won. He replied that it should have been considered but his personal choice was Neruda the Chilean biography of the poet. (Neruda was submitted to the Academy for consideration but not chosen.)

RottenTomatoes page for Tanna
(Reviews counted: 24)

RottenTomatoes page for The Salesman, a.k.a. Forushande
(Reviews counted: 114)

Wikipedia's article on Tanna.

Wikipedia: List of submissions to the 89th Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film.

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