Sunday, February 05, 2017

Coozledad vs. Nancy Nall

This has been on my mind from time to time.

Sometime in December 2015, inexplicably, the scrappiest commenter at NancyNall quit. No one administered lyrical backhands and clapbacks quite like coozledad, and his absence was glaring. Was he busy? What happened? As time went by, he would post at his own blog, so... . A few months ago, he revealed why he stopped.

This and the election have steeled him.

Rurritable: "Sure. Go ahead and kiss Milo’s ass, Nallurds." "Trolled."

How many people are upset about the violence in Berkeley last night? For the record, I disapprove. Violence is only the answer when it’s Richard Spencer taking a … nope, not even then. That was a sucker punch, and sucker punches are cowardly. Call him out, tell him to put his hands up, and then punch him. Not upsetting.

Coozledad swiftly weighed in:

So it’s ok to shoot blacks and scream at them to BE QUIET! when they complain about it, but not Ok to punch white trash. This is the kind of crap that has made me lose faith that Americans have any idea of history or basic decency. White, midwestern Americans anyway.

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