Saturday, October 08, 2016

Work Ahead

Another debate between Clinton and Trump airs tomorrow at three, Hawaii time. I might watch, or not. What I see is lots of work, of all kinds, that everyone has to do. One thing I've done the last few months is weed and mulch some of our potted plants, almost every day. It's as simple as picking up fallen leaves and putting them in the pots to decay and enrich the soil. One day I pulled out stands of ferns that were choking one of the plants. They're doing nicely, and I know I have to take and post some photos of them.

Another major project is decluttering. The task of going through books, CDs, etc. and donating them, trading them in at the used-book store. I see others trying to pare down (hello, Hattie). Part of this: much too much stuff. And realizing that a great deal of content can be found online, or at the library.

The other work that everyone should do is learning about civics, history, current events. Again, a wealth of information is online, and at the library. And talk to others. Not everyone will be deeply involved in politics, but everyone should have at least a basic understanding of these subjects.

I enjoy work, actually. (And I like vegetables, too!) If I weren't busy with many other things, I'd post here daily with Nallian fluency.

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