Sunday, June 26, 2016

Be Safe, Sacramento.

I hope to post my travelogue of Sacramento one of these days. Not only was it a trip, it was also a meeting of family. But seeing these headlines, I have to respond.

The Los Angeles Times: "At Least Five People Stabbed at Neo-Nazi Event Outside Capitol in Sacramento."

Update: CNN: "At Least 7 Injured--Some Stabbed--At California Rally, Authorities Say."

We went to the Capitol on a Sunday afternoon. The building itself was closed but we walked around the garden. Everything was lovely. Not today, apparently.

27 June update: KCRA [NBC Sacramento affiliate]: "10 People Injured During Protest Clash at State Capitol (Officials: 2 People Suffered Life-Threatening Stab Wounds)

Nothing so far at the SPLC Hatewatch blog. The SPLC Twitter has a few posts. But this SPLC article from 2013 describes a conflict between white nationalists and anti-fascists that has flared up sporadically for decades.

Sacramento reporter Frances Wang was covering the protest and got in the thick of it:

Blumenthal says this. Who attacked who first is the question.

CBS News: "Police Recordings Show Response to Violent Calif. 'Nazi Mega-Rally.'"

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