Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My System of Movie-Watching Worthiness (with Examples)

Go to the Prince Kuhio Stadium Cinemas: (Nothing really. Might grudgingly go to Ride Along. Her will more likely come to the Palace.)

Go to the Kress: The Wolf of Wall Street or Saving Mr. Banks

Wait till it comes to video:Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas

Wait till it airs on TV: American Hustle

Don't ever plan to watch: The Lone Ranger, 12 Years a Slave


Hattie said...

Wonder if The Wolf of Wall Street will still be playing at the Kress when we get back. I would watch it at their cheap rates.

Poppa Zao said...

I think The Wolf of Wall Street is still at the Prince Kuhio, but might be at the Kress upon your return.