Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Story of Trayvon Martin is Not Over

"Beyond Trayvon: The Great Divide" article on why post-Trayvon Martin talk turns black kids into a problem to be solved.

28 August update: And George Zimmerman visited a gun factory recently! Me, I'd like to check out the Mauna Loa mac-nut factory sometime.

29 August update: George Zimmerman's wife Shellie admits committing perjury.

The wife of George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer acquitted in the killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, revealed Thursday that the couple's marriage may be in trouble.

The day after Shellie Zimmerman was sentenced to one year probation and 100 hours of community service for lying at her husband's bond hearing, she appeared on
Good Morning America expressing uncertainty about the future of their relationship.

4 September update: Zimmerman pulled over for driving 60 mph in a 45-mph-zone.

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