Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What Now? Hawaii Free Press Ascends Into the Aether

Hawaii Free Press is becoming a solely online paper. The 7 December print edition is its last. Editor-publisher Andrew Walden attributes his going online to the high cost in money and time of printing and distribution. Interestingly, HFP hadn't had a website until very recently.

Walden also points out the "Big Island newspaper-Democrat revolving door.":

"...[A] couple of quick items from local blogs which illustrate a permanent conflict of interest: reporters are eyeing a job in government. Since almost all elected positions are held by Democrats, this creates an unspoken alliance between journalists and Democratic Party candidates and officeholders."

One should find this dismaying, no matter what one's politics are.

11 January update: I just found this Big Island Chronicle post on HFP's becoming online only.

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