Saturday, September 29, 2007

Reed's Island

I have always wondered about the origin of the name of Reed's Island. A 26-acre peninsula in the Wailuku River, Reed's Island is also one of Hilo's old-money neighborhoods. In an article about a bed-and-breakfast there, Cheryl Chee Tsutsumi writes that Reed's Island was "named after entrepreneur William Reed, who purchased it from King Kamehameha IV in 1861. Sculpted by the Wailuku River, it was a playground of Hawaiian monarchs and originally was known as Koloiki (little crawling)."

I'd like to research further the history of this place.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Nosferatu vs. Tweety, 2008

But if I were putting money on this thing, I'd bet on Giuliani. God help us, a Rudy-Hillary race

--Rod Dreher,

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Disinformation Society

September 10, 2007--The Disinformation Society

... American culture has become self-dis-informing.

As my friend Peter Golden (blogger at Boardside) puts it so well: "When people lie, they know they are doing something wrong. But when they just make things up, there's no consciousness of right or wrong at work. It seems morally okay to live in a fantasy world -- and this is much more pernicious to the public discourse than lying."

My friends, who are mostly ex-hippie, yuppie progressives, have been locked in prayer to exorcise the evil spirit of George W. Bush for six years, but they fail to recognize a more comprehensive failure of leadership in every sector of American life, and especially in the ones where a lot ex-hippies-now-yuppies run things. Our political leadership may be deplorable, but so is our leadership in business, education, the arts, and especially the media.

The poster child for this is The New York Times. In their reporting on the world oil situation, they have consistently and uncritically swallowed the public relations handouts of Daniel Yergin's Cambridge Energy Research Group (CERA), a wholly-owned PR shop serving the oil industry. Laziness doesn't even explain this. It's bad editorial leadership. It's a failure to ask the important questions.

Kunstler's blog is an important supplement to his website, mainly for readers' comments.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Spinner the Skinhead

Mama RV: Kunstler's Eyesore of the Month

My comments in brackets.

Welcome back to the Real World! [Not Road Rules?] Look how excited Little Skippy is to attend the birth of Mama RV's new baby! (We wonder who Mama RV had sex with, though.) [One of the Transformers?] Here you have the supreme fantasy of Nascar Moron Nation: a dream of mobility within mobility. The smiling, clueless adults in the background have no idea how short the horizon is for running this stupid hardware. Nor can they see their own sad destiny: to be machine-gunned on their way to the Grand Canyon in a Tucson convenience store by a meth-crazed unemployed sheet-rocker.